Diana Vitantonio

You have a creative genius inside you and your voice deserves to be heard!


Diana Vitantonio is the founder and creator of Breathless Yoga, a yoga style with the intention to heal the inner self from trauma and to live and breathe wholeness.  She began writing two years ago for the same reason when she met her writing coach, Janet Johnston,  an Amherst Writers and Artists affiliate teacher.  She claimed her voice as an artist and a writer after many months of showing up terrified to write and crying the whole way to the writing group.  She was never trained in writing and quite honestly she thought she was anything and everything but a writer.   She still isn’t sure if her grammar or punctuation is what is acceptable in the writing world but has become fearless in sharing her voice anyway.  Her hope is to keeping healing and to teach others that no matter who you are, you have a creative genius inside you and your voice deserves to be heard.

Bits of me:

Hometown: South Euclid, Ohio

Sun Sign: Sagittarius 

Nickname: Di, D, Lady Di, 

I wish for: Compassion

I am thankful for: Forgiveness

What gives you peace? Prayer

Why yoga? Self-Actualization 

What can't you live without? Love

Best place you have traveled to? My own heart.  Anywhere

What inspires you?  Sympathetic joy, art done unapologetically and with uniqueness and for the sake of expressing what need to come through from the heart and soul.

Words to live by:  Go for it!



Diana’s incredible ability to connect to all people and her deep commitment to understand human behavior makes it possible for her students to truly see themselves through their own eyes. Her classes are dynamic, powerful and soul moving. We guarantee she will take your breath away.