Diana Vitantonio

I'm a storyteller. This is the home for my writings


Diana Vitantonio, E-RYT, RYS/200 is an internationally known yoga instructor and public speaker who has been teaching yoga since 2001.  Her passion lies in teaching, storytelling, writing and moving to the beat of the music.  A born leader, she opened up her first yoga studio by the of age 24.  Diana’s greatest joy comes from educating people on how to live an empowered life and how to feel guidance from their soul.  While she regularly leads classes at Radiant Yoga and Edge, Diana travels to different cities across the country to teach her teacher trainings.  


Because of a fear of failure, Diana often questioned herself.  “I don't like that, so I’m not going to do that” was said more times than not.  In 2015, however, Diana fell in love with spinning.  She started riding, not because she was good at it, but because her entire life she had told herself that it was impossible.  She wanted to prove her fears wrong and when she did she noticed a big change.  Diana realized that stepping up to a new edge and getting breathless began to reawaken her childhood JOY and left her with an inner and outer strength that she had never known before.  She recognized that approaching this edge everyday opened her up and led her to one of the most powerfully creative years of her life.  It began to impact and change the way she taught yoga - and that’s when Breathless Yoga was born.  Since then, she has been building and sharing this unique yoga style. I


She is deeply called to share with you how she has healed and continues to heal her trauma and her spirit - by way of stepping into all of her feelings, her emotions and living in the body.  Diana believes deep down that when you numb your feelings you put a wall up in front of your creativity.  She believes that everyone is an artist and there is a profound healing that happens when you let yourself express your creativity.  Her hope is to leave people with a message that no matter who you are, you have a creative genius inside you and that your voice deserves to be heard.  


“Your soul needs you.  It needs you to be in your creativity.  When you get breathless, you release something.  You immediately change.  You open the door to your soul’s voice and you will know without question that all of your answers are found inside of you and not from anything outside.  Being connected in this way will change the way you listen and move - it will change your world.” 


On The Fly:

Hometown: South Euclid, Ohio

Sun Sign: Sagittarius 

Nickname: Di, D, Lady Di, 

I wish for: Compassion

I am thankful for: Forgiveness

What gives you peace? Prayer

Why yoga? Self-Actualization 

What can't you live without? Love

Best place you have traveled to? My own heart.  Anywhere

What inspires you?  Sympathetic joy, art done unapologetically and with uniqueness and for the sake of expressing what need to come through from the heart and soul.

Words to live by:  Go for it!



Diana’s incredible ability to connect to all people and her deep commitment to understand human behavior makes it possible for her students to truly see themselves through their own eyes. Her classes are dynamic, powerful and soul moving. We guarantee she will take your breath away.