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Advice No More

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Anyone that knows me well knows how I feel about advice.   I don’t believe in it.  The number one reason is that it never leaves the giver or the receiver truly feeling empowered.  If we want to help another or help this world I think we must teach people how to listen to their own guidance.  

And if we truly love someone I think it’s important to not give them advice when we see them in a place of discomfort.   People don't want to be fixed, they crave to be understood.  


You have emotions and guidance inside your body that your lover, best friend, parents or anyone for that matter cannot feel.  And when you make decisions for your life based on only what your mind thinks you should do or what you think other people think you should do you create both a war inside and out.   True power is when the heart informs the mind and the wise mind and the heart find an answer together.   Anything else will leave you… torn.


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