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Take That Leap

Diana VitantonioComment

There is no such thing as not knowing.  You always know.  And your guidance to move is a feeling that something is off. 


Whether it be in your work or any relationship, trust what you feel.  When you say "I don't know what to do." What you are really saying is I do know and it will be hard. 


When you don't trust your guidance and move with it,  you block your creativity and your ability to spontaneously co-create.  You are saying... not now, when I'm ready.  And when exactly is that? 


What is always true is that when you get a feeling to move on, there will ALWAYS be something waiting for you.  What you won'tget is a bop over the head and a falling from the sky of what that is.  This life is all about personal inner power and faith. 


Is that something youwant?  If that's a yes... 


Take that LEAP.  And trust you are being held and guided. 


From love.