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I Met Love This Year

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i met love this year

the real one

no masks 

no disguises  


was his name

in every way he

showed that truth 

my heart melted 

when i let him in

a heart 

which once 

had hardened 

from life

my walls came 


love showed me 

how to love myself

because love 

knew how to love 


and himself 

love saw

the truth 

and looked me in

the eyes like 

no fear could have 

or ever did 

it was different

it was precious 

love stayed 

even when i didn’t 

and showed me 

my weaknesses

love didn’t pressure or judge

love simply loved

it played no games

yet love hurt me

yes it hurt me


because love knew 


love was whole 

so i wasn’t needed

love took away everything 

i held tight 

and love brought me 

into the depths of 

my deepest fears

and eventually love 

let me go

without a fight 

he just let go

and i was left 

with nothing

but me 

and this time

i noticed

i was still loved

but it no longer 


inside him 

it was 



loved moved in

when it left 

me without.