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The Dead Don't Dance

Diana VitantonioComment

 I reach my hand for yours

Palms touch

as you ask me to dance

Your hands cold as ice

A voice inside me

whispers with certainty

“  your hands are 

 an extension of your heart”

The truth resonates

That was the first flag

I noticed

There is no other color to call it 

Except RED 

You took the lead and asked me 

to trust you 

And then our dance began 

We came together 

You pulled me in 

I gave myself all of you

You only saw part of me

 My eyes on your eyes 

as our bodies come together

you disappear  

Your heart disappears  

Your body is here but you’re not in it

Your mind rules 

You live in your head

You are brilliant I will say that

You are have many gifts

The feminine isn’t one

I can feel the war inside

I will sit with you

if you are afraid to be alone

Will you take my hand?

I burned for this

I stayed in the fire and made it my home

For this 

As a prayer to feel what is real 

For me

And for you

Love is real 

Yet you don’t love me

You need me and as long as you need 

You can’t love me 

Because you will fear me leaving

So you push me away

by trying to control me

I will say no

I have seen the darkest of dark

I’ve taken the vow

And I won’t break it

I choose to feel it

 All of it 

No matter how much is scares me

I won’t leave 

I won’t leave me

I will get on my knees with you

There’s nothing you can feel that will scare me

I’ve met the prostitute

I’m listened to the child

scream in pain and fear

I have met the anger who sabotages all things

I have healed the victim 

I’ve awakened the artist

and the lover

I’ve burned in it all

But you can’t feel that

Because you don't feel 

You think 

You think I’m the woman I was 

five years ago

I’m not 

I’ve been through hell since then

Hell changes you or 

it pulls you down deeper

I rise 

In the flames

And I will stand lay here with you

But I won’t stand alone for you

I won’t let you be my sometimes lover