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There's a Lioness Down The Hallway

Diana VitantonioComment

I've seen that face before
The face I keep finding
In my nightmares
Disguised as dreams of love
You showed me that face
For the last time
I won’t choose this anymore
 I’ve seen that face before
It never changes
Or moves
it's stuck
like you.
You're a mask
A face
A head
No body.
You have
You seem powerful
But I see you
You've given all your power away
And so you are just scared
To feel
What you did
And what you didn't do
I think you are more
afraid to feel what you didn't do
You never found the strength
To heal
And so you continue
to wake up  every morning
and pretend but
Clothes don’t make the man
Or the lion
I’ve seen that face before
It comes out every time
 the lioness comes close
You can feel her and you don't want to
You have worked far too hard at numbing.
And there she is
All emotion, unpredictable
And wild
You can’t control her
And you won't accept God to be wild
And so you think you have a right
to annihilate Her.
You put on your lion’s mask and wait
You roar. 
You spit.
You throw her down the stairs.
You punch her in the face
Once with your fist and
A thousand more times with your words
I've seen that face before
screaming in rage
that she deserves your violence
No more
You tried to remove Her
You didn't succeed
And I just removed you
I don't accept your kind of love. 
Love, Diana