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Today I Begin

Diana VitantonioComment

Today I begin 

Because my heart pulls me in

It pulls me into my life

and asks me to trust,

have faith and believe 

in myself

Today I begin  

So I can live and breathe

the truth 

Which is 

that I create the life 

I choose to live

and that am I enough

to live it

More than enough

In fact

Speaking of that 

Today I begin so I can say enough 

to the story that lies 

and says I failed, I’m failing,

and it isn’t working out

Today I begin

 because life is too 

short to be shy

and it’s also too short to settle,

and quit 

or stop growing

Life is too beautiful

to carry the weight of shame and regret 

So today i begin

 Because I am a

firestarter, a joy bringer and I 

believe in living my passions

And this is one of them

Today I begin because I’m scared

Like, first day of school scared.

So I walk towards my fear

 I will feel it all and get close. 

That’s what i do

To love myself best

Today I begin 

because something important

strengthens when you step into the unknown

and start something you have very  

little skill at

You expose your deepest truths

Today I begin 

to push the limits of

 my old story and what I thought

was definitive

actually wasn’t definitive at all 

Here I begin to be seen

vulnerable,  exposed

and naked

So I may stop fearing myself

 because I will see myself

And understand her

all of her

Not just the adult part

Today I begin

because I know 

 My soul needs this