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I met my mother when I was 37

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I met my mother when I as 37

She came as a surprise to me

I don't know how she found me

I thought I did well hiding

 I think she heard my silent screams

That rose from the storms in my chest

My mother

She sat and waited two full days

As I crossed my arms and contracted my face

She waited until i was ready to speak

She asked me how I felt and when  

I screamed in fear 

She  placed her hand on my heart

My mother

With compassionate eyes spoke softly

 I understand you've been scared

She asked me what I needed 

And never shamed me for my answer

She listened to everything I said  

She sat with me for days

She played with me 

And she let me play what I wanted to play

Regardless of my talent or if I would later make money doing it

So together my mother and I 






She knows those are my favorites things 

My mother listens to my pain

When no one else dares to

On that day she came 

She sat there as I screamed

And screamed and screamed

 At her

I told her I hated her 

She said she understood my anger

I could tell she by her face she was telling 

The truth

She stayed with me

And she's still here

She hasn't left me since

I met my mother when I was 37

Her hand is found at the end of my wrist