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Music Monday!!! Special Dedication and Appreciation Addition <3

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It's Music Monday!!!


This week is my special addition and appreciation playlist!!!   Please join me on Spotify.   This week's playlist is titled "The Queens"


Something really special happened for me this year.   I rediscovered my childhood JOY back into my movement and because of that I discovered a love for my practice like never before.   This joy led me into one of the most powerfully successful years of my life as a  yoga teacher and a soul coach.   This year has been a huge year in my own personal growth and I want to honor and show my deepest appreciation to these 3 women, the young women who in their presence I became changed. 


Kristi Randel, Claire Alano, and Natalie Edgell, thank you for all you do and who you are.  I set out this year to mother my own self so fiercely that I was beyond picky with who I would spend my time with.   I was shamelessly selfish in what I wanted to practice and with whom.   I chose you.   You become my 3.  My 3 inspirations.


As I set out to move to Cleveland, Ohio next month  I'm leaving you three women completely changed.    You all changed me.  I will carry you with me and what you taught me forever. 


Kristi, you inspire me so fully to take care of my body so that  I can be as much of a badass athlete as you.  You amaze me !!!  And you are one of the best natural empowerment coaches I have ever seen.    So beautiful babe. 


Claire, Thank you for always taking me to the Club.  No one dances on that bike like Claire!!!  The hair flips my girl!     I am a dancer in your presence and that feels so damn good.    Thank you for working with me one on one.  I'm a better yoga teacher because of your work with me. 


Natalie,  It was you that re-lit the fire in my heart for yoga.   I was so far away from that feeling when I met you.  So incredibly far.   Now, I can forever have this feeling.  I will always remember it.  


This is not your average girl power playlist and these aren't your average girls.