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I'll have a large popcorn, with butter and salt in the middle. 
That's the way I like it.
And that's the way I order it, when I'm alone.
With friends I get a small, plain...of course.
Today I need the comfort of the large bucket
because I'm going in to see the latest sad, sad story. 
Everyone says to bring tissues.
I don't cry. 
The last time I cried was November.   
Before that it was 3 years prior.
I love sad movies.   I LOVE dramas.   I hate love stories.  I hate comedies.  I go to the movies to feel alive. 
I sit down in the theatre with my bucket of popcorn and I notice a man staring at me.
I look back and our eyes lock.
He has it. 
My attention.  
I have to admit not many people catch my eye.  I feel almost zero attraction towards others most of the time.  
 These moments happen once in a blue moon. 
I'm quite the loner.  I like being alone.   
Attraction like this challenges this thought.
I feel such a strong feeling in my body with this one.  I can't take my eyes off of him. 
I smile awkwardly.
He smiles back.
Still holding his eyes in mine I feel my heart beating wildly
My temperature is rising and I have signals going off in my belly like a intentional drum beat creating a song. 
Isn't it?
This is what Love at first sight feels like.
How can it not be love if it makes me feel this alive?
I can't take my eyes of this mystery of a man. 
I think I'm in love. 
I am.  
The lights turn off.
The movie begins.
The man stands up.
He is holding a gun.
He points it at me.
And pulls the trigger.

My Love,

Soul Activist


Photo by Amber Felts