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Love, What Do You Say?

Diana VitantonioComment

Lost again
In the unknown
True Love, what do you say?
I say begin
Begin by forgetting everything you know
And have learned up until now
Plug your nose and cannonball in
Grab your purple pen
Write down every memory you can remember
One at a time
Stay with them until you feel something
Light a match
Burn that shit
To the ground
And rise like a phoenix
From the ashes of your pain
Anger and disappointment
Love is being the truth.
Take off the mask
You have never liked Halloween anyway
Times will come when you lose the faith
Pick it back up and keep on ticking
Don't quit
Don't stop.
Give your soul what she longs to know in this lifetime
You were born for this my love
The one you kissed last night with your eyes open
That one? 
The one you have repeated over and over to yourself
Is the most beautiful creature
You have every laid your eyes on
You deserve him
Let your fears exist with him
He will see your strength in loving him anyway
Show him that you know how to love a man. 
Make him perfect
As he is. 
Because he is
Yes you. 
Feel that freedom. 
Stop the endless processing
And start living. 
What's to figure out?
You will always kill the rose
Before it blooms when you pick it apart
Stop loving in parts
Love wholely
Burn that shit to the ground
Let your fears of being undesirable live
Yet don't live by them.
That's your own rule.
I've heard your prayers
Continue making your own rules
Follow them. 
And mostly follow your heart
She beats to get your attention
It's not the sound
It's the feeling
All day
Every day
Ride that drum beat
And watch the miracle happen

Love is here,
Soul Activist