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The Volcano

Diana VitantonioComment

"Take off your shoes and stay awhile,"
She whispered softly into my left ear.
So I slipped off my sneakers
before I walked all over her.
I have never felt anything like this.
Like her. 
For that reason I don't know myself around her
And I've worked hard to know myself. 
She...She takes my breath away.
She is everything.
It doesn't take long for me
To forget how she feels to me
My mind takes over and wants to predict her weather.
I try
And fail. 
I am both drawn to and deeply afraid of her fire. 
It's not often I have come close to this type of heat.
Hers isn't see with the eyes
This you feel. 
It's impossible to not feel it around her. 
That's how much she has. 
Her unpredictability is what feels dangerous
Or out of control.
I like control.  
My temperature rises when I'm near her
The rising temperature alone brings up unrecognizable feelings
In my belly.
I feel too much around her.
I get breathless when I'm around Her. 
This is something I am not used to feeling. 
It's hot around her
I am hot around her
I'm used to being cold. 
Will she blow?
I want to know with certainty
Yet, she remains a mystery. 
She is the most beautiful  thing I've ever seen.
I can admire her from a distance.  
If I I get too close she could annihilate me
And so I keep my distance
But I don't leave. 
She did ask me to stay.
And this is something She is used to.
I love you,