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What Does The Earth Say?

Diana VitantonioComment

I die
It's meant to be this way
Let it die
Things will go
On purpose
For purpose
Fertilizer from the ashes
I rise.
I was born to
I show you how high I reach
From the heart of my center
Reaching in every direction
All is an extension of
The center
I am soul
The soul
The mirror
The canvas
Watch me go
With intention and attention I express myself
I sprinkle snowflakes down like blankets on your playgrounds
I watch you plop yourself on the ground
On your back
Waving your arms and legs
Wildly back and forth
Like windshield wiper blades
Just to get
To call yourself an Angel
I grow
I create
I destroy
I burn
I build
I speak
In a language few understand
Many are close to
I am Mother
Begging you
To Love
For it is the only way
To love me
And I



Soul Activist


These are my words but not my picture.   I LOVED this picture.  I don't know who's it is.  If anyone knows please let me know so I can credit. xo