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I Was Born Breathless

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I was born breathless. 


My mother reminds me this often on my birthday.   This year she looked at me and said “you were having trouble breathing.”   Meaning, I was breathless.  

What does that mean?  It’s when you feel like you no longer have control of your breath.   The breath is quite wild, actually. 

I came earlier than they expected that day.  Six weeks to be exact.  My lungs weren’t fully developed so I was sent away from my mother to another hospital.  And it was there I recovered.  I rebounded.  My breath came back.   As it always does. 

I’ve had many breathless moments since then some by conscious choice and some not.  I have experienced the edge of both fear and love there.   I have thought I would die there.  I have felt reborn there.  I have found a way to pray and be BIG there.  I have touched my pain gently here.  I have found my greatest joy there.  “There” is where the fire lives.  The fire burns there.  And it is that fire I became and continue to become. Everyday, I choose it. 

These moments, these breathless moments have made me brave.   They have made me strong.  They have made me dig deep and ask myself to show up for my life no matter what I’m feeling so I can count of myself.  They have made me question my beliefs.  They have made me trust my own voice and soul regardless of how many people tell me no.  They remind me that I am vulnerable and i am not in control.  They have made me the person I am today.

The word breathless means vulnerable.

I was born this way. 

My life is a gift.  

And that gift will be shared.   

I was born breathless.  

And I will choose to live that way.