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Why love changes everything

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I am 36 years old. I do not have children. I am unaware how I really feel about this…. because I’m not sure that I want to know how I feel about it. I am a free sprit. I am committed to living in the mystery. I’m attracted to the mystical. I love the idea of healing. I don’t know why nor need to know why but somehow some way this year something happened FOR me. I met a 7 year old girl that changed….EVERYTHING. I fell in love with her. Not just any girl. But the mirror of my soul. A soulmate, a miracle worker, a healer. In so many ways I see myself in her. She was just like me when I was 7…. except I hid it. I changed who I was because i thought it would be better for me if I did. I thought I would be loved more if I was different than I was. You know what I mean? I think we all do on some level. About her… She is magical. She is mystical. She is wild. She is unconditional love. She is sensitive. She is wise. She is a child. She is here for a reason. She is everything. i love her more than I can even find words to describe. I don’t know how to tell her this. I try but the words don’t seem to always come out. I ask for help… help comes. She is the help. She teaches me. And she teaches me by telling me. She tells me why she loves me. I can only understand why she loves me so much because i love her the same. Perfect strangers that know each other more than some people that have lived next to each other for years. She teaches me how to love. She teaches me how to communicate. She teaches me everything. And this day December 14th 2013, she told me that i was loved and lovable forever. She wrote me a love letter. Not just one, she wrote me 36. For my 36th birthday she sent me a jar from California to Ohio and titled it “36 things i love about you.” And there was 36 pieces of paper in that jar. This is what they said:

1. I love your smile
2. I love how silly you are
3. I love how passionate you are
4. I love your curiosity
5. I love being your baby girl
6. I love hearing your voice
7. I love doing crafts with you
8. I love when I go to dreamland with you
9. I love when you hold me
10. i love your beautiful brown hair
11. I love when you snuggle with me
12. I love learning about crystals with you
13. i love your heart and soul
14. i love when you teach me yoga
15. i love you big hugs and kisses
16. I love feeling safe with you
17. i love your happiness
18. i love it when we go on walks together
19. i love how smart you are
20. i love that you love angels and unicorns
21. i love that you teach me how to drum
22. i love when it is just me and you
23. i love when you sing to me
24. i love the way you love me
25. I love when you hold my hand
26. i love how generous you are
27. i love when i have sleepovers with you
28. i love your beautiful brown eyes
29. I love our talks
30. i love that you are my Auntie Momma
31. i love your dimples
32. I love when you read to me
33. i love how powerful you are.
34. I LOVE you!!
35. i love your kindness
36. i love when your heart is happy.

Thank you baby girl. You have taught me everything I need to know. Thank you for your bravery. Thank you for telling me. Thank you for you. i love you for always. I love the same things about you. I love that loving you helps me love me. I love your love. I love you period. always. forever. xo, Auntie Momma

And to the world out there: when was the last time you wrote a love letter?