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Love Is Everywhere

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Sometimes it isn't words at all.  


Last week I stayed at the cutest little place right on the beach in Costa Rica.   It was quite perfect actually.  One of my favorite things was that from morning until night the owner was always around.   His love for people and life so beautiful to witness.   To top it off he reminded me of my grandpa.  His humor and his love for food and the feelings that come with bringing people together to feed them.   Both body and soul.  


Carlos was an Italian man.  He spoke Italian and Spanish.  I speak only English.  So Carlos and I had to speak in other ways.  We used body language and the basic words like hello, and thank you, and good morning.  We pointed and had to listen to other things, other than words.  


Something happened the morning I was leaving to go home.  A moment I will never forget. 


It was early and still dark.  The van arrived a little after 5:00am.   I hopped in the van,  my driver just finished asking me if I liked Nirvana as Come As You are was playing on the radio.   That's when I heard the yelling.  The driver heard too because he immediately stopped the car.  The man shouting and running towards the van was Carlos.  The driver rolled down the window and Carlos eyes went straight to mine.   The way he looked at me, you would think I was the love of his life!   He grabbed my hands and spoke to me in Italian with so much love and passion.  I have no idea what those words meant.  I will never know what Carlos said to me in that van.    


I will always remember the way he looked at me, the way he held me, the look on his face and his big bright smile.   I don't think he said any of these words but to me he said,   thank you for coming.  He said so good to have you.  He said please come again.  And he said you are loved.  My home is your home.    


 And what he really said to me was Love Is Everywhere.   


Thank you Carlos.   I felt so loved. 






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