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Music Monday!

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Good morning music tribe!

I really had fun making this one.  I hope you enjoy it.   It's all about that bass with me!!!    You will always find this list full of bass and rhythm.  Blended in with slower songs that are intended to drop you into your heart and body to FEEL.    From Eminem to Adele to Sheila Chandra... here's to you.

I both listen to this playlist while I'm walking outside on the trails or playing this in my yoga classes.   This was yesterdays playlist. 

If you are using this playlist for your yoga class, please do.   I let the beat of the music follow the heartbeat of the class.   Slow beats are for still poses like yin or slow warm ups or cool downs.   The faster beats we move.   It's meant to work like a dance between the feminine and the masculine.  Stillness and movement.  By the time we get to number 6  it's either one breath one movement or get up and dance wherever you are.   

1.  Looking Too Closely by Fink

2. Take It All by Ruelle

3. Paint It, Black by Ciara

4.  A Sutter by Olafur Arnalds & Arnor Dan

5.  8 Mile by Eminem

6.  Broken Sorrow by Nuttin' But Stringz

7.  What I Might Do (Radio Edit) by Ben Pierce

8.  Dangerous (Oliver Remix) by Big Data

9.  Open (featuring Ryan Ashley) by Cyril Hahn

10.  ABoneCronedrone 3 (Excerpt) by Sheila Chandra

11.  Eye of the Storm by Frances

12.  Hello by Adele


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