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The Breakup

Diana VitantonioComment

It's not his fault the relationship didn't work out....


The relationship didn't work out because we couldn't accept or trust as much as the relationship required of us.


Love cannot exist without trust.    And trust is based on acceptance.  We simply cannot trust a person we don't accept.  


When I was a newer teacher I caught myself saying things just because every one else was saying them.  I think we all start there and over time find a more authentic voice. Some of those things I would say were things like, " let your day go."   "Or let your fear go".  Or this one...   "Place your problems on a shelf outside this room."


Let's just say I don't say any of those things anymore.   I say things like, " Let your whole self exist." and " Let yourself be where you are".   


You see when we deny parts of ourselves those parts are left feeling unfulfilled.  And the truth always comes up and out.   Denying parts of myself never made me more loving, or more peaceful or more powerful.   It made me incapable of having any kind of relationship with myself.   Or others. 


My life truly changed when i started to allow and accept all parts of myself.   The needy parts, the fearful parts, the angry parts, all those.   And in allowing myself to see those things I have learned how to hold them lovingly.  And when I do they don't rule my life.   Love does.   In this new approach I am whole.  I let myself be whole.  It's the most loving thing I have ever done. 


 I have learned and am still learning to find my own voice.   I'm leaning into trust.


What I do know is this...the more I accept myself the more I can accept you.   The more I trust myself the more I can trust you.   And so it is for all of us.    Until we bring all of ourselves into our life, our yoga, and our relationships the person looking back will never meet our expectations. 


Let's love each other.  Start with the one looking back in the mirror.



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