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Music Mondays!

Diana Vitantonio2 Comments

Here's a playlist that will rock your soul.

1.  Say You Love Me by Jessie Ware

2.  Forces(feat. Airline) by Japanese Wallpaper

3.  Megan by Anesthesia

4.  You & I (Radio Mix) by Sons of Maria

5.  Guidance by Trevor Hall

6.  Broken Sorrow by Nuttin' But Stringz

7.  Remember the Name by Fort Minor

8.  What I Might Do (Radio Edit) by Ben Pearce

9.  The Poet Acts by Philip Glass

10.  Lagan Love Nada Brahma by Sheila Chandra

11.  My Love (acoustic) by Jess Glynne

12.  For Blue Skies by Strays Don't Sleep


Let me know what you think.  

Love to you all,