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Love Makes Us

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The power contained inside your heart is big.  Real big.  Larger than any container.   

This love is limitless and boundless.  It transcends time and space.   It reaches above and beyond the here and now.   For example, is it possible to be in love with someone and not see them for 10 years?  Or can you love someone that is no longer here?   Do you believe you can send a prayer to anyone anywhere at any time and it will  land there?  I say yes to all of the above.    Love....we can't control it.  Yes, we will try from time to time.  I believe it's bigger than that.  As the saying goes " We don't make love.  Love makes us."  

I met a beautiful woman the other day who told me her love story.  We will call her Mary.  She said when she was young she was in love.  Madly in love.   With a man we will call Ed.  Ed was just as crazy about Mary and over time became her fiancé.  They were set out to be married in August.   There was one thing that Mary didn't accept about Ed and that was that he also had a love affair with marijuana and alcohol.   A few months before the wedding Mary went up to Ed and said "what are you going to choose?  Me or the Marijuana?"   Well, Ed didn't choose.   And so Mary left and immediately met someone new and she married him that same August.  It cut like a knife in Ed's heart.    She stayed married to this new man for over 10 years and when she got divorced she searched for Ed.   She never stopped loving him.  The love was still so alive in her heart.   She wrote letters to everyone that had his name in hopes to find him.   Years went by with no word from Ed.   Then about 40 years later, she gets a friend request on Facebook.   Her heart drops as she reads the name.   You guessed it, it was Ed.  Forty years of not seeing each other yet the love between them was so incredibly strong.    Mary moved Ed in with her and he has a lot of pain about what happened.   Yet they choose to be together. Mary said she had to do this.  That it wouldn't leave her alone.   Today she and Ed are together.   The relationship isn't what most people call romantic.   It's actually has no romance.   She said she had to give up the romantic part of herself to be with him.   And yet she seemed so at peace and so certain that this is what she had to do.  She is taking it one day at a time.    Trusting each day of her heart.   And when she talked about her love for him, I felt it. 

Rumi says "lovers don't finally meet somewhere.  They're in each other all along."

Love doesn't look like one thing.   It's too big for that. 

Love is everywhere.  

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