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Yoga On the Mountain 2015

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I love you... thank you for today.   Here is today's playlist.  Please leave a comment about class or the playlist itself.  

Big HUGE hug,


1.  Looking Too Closely by Fink

2. Take It All by Ruelle

3. Paint It, Black by Ciara

4.  A Stutter by Olafur Arnalds & Arnor Dan

5.  Knockin On Heaven's Door by Sara Phillips

6.  Castle by Halsey

7.  Forgive by Trevor Hall

8.  Broken Sorrow by Nuttin' But Stringz

9.  You & I (Radio Edit) by Sons of Maria

10.  What I Might Do (Radio Edit) by Ben Pearce

11. Dangerous (Oliver Remix) by Big Data

12.  See You Again (Acoustic Version) by Tyler Ward

13.  Rise Up by Andra Day