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The Storm and I

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We were far from home.   Driving down an unknown road with one mission: to get home.

The mission changed. 

What would Thelma and Louise do?  Those words did swirl through my mind, I promise. 

The car began breaking as we pulled over onto the shoulder.  Dirt flying in the air as we came to a sudden stop.    I knew exactly what we were getting into.   It was one of those moments when you think " I never thought I would ever do this... and... I'm doing this,"   

Storm was driving the car, she glanced over at me questioning out loud, "should we stop?  What do you think?  Should we stop?"  she asked again.  Hearing her name, some people might think we call her Storm because of her intense weather.  It's quite the opposite.   Everyone that knows her knows she doesn't cry.  She just doesn't and I could never imagine getting a rise out of her. She has learned and learned well how to develop this skill of self control.   It's her white hair that gave her that nickname.  Her beautiful, stunning white hair.

She repeats herself one more time " should we stop?  What should we do?"   

We were walking into a mystery here and it's one of those things that people will warn you not to do.   It's just one of those things that you don't do, it's too risky.   And yet it felt like the right thing to do.  It truly did.  I believe you know these things.   You just know. 

The feeling I was getting was that Storm was looking less for a rational answer here and more of an accepting of what was about to happen.   I quickly decided to meet her at her heart.   She was already stopping.   I took a deep breath and placed my hand on my heart and without hesitation  said "let's do it!"   

I opened my door looked behind me at the woman with blond hair holding up her thumb. "Where are you going?" I asked her.   "Bixby Bridge" she responded.    I had no idea where there was and yet it didn't matter.   "Hop in", I said to her.

We are picking up a hitchhiker.


To be continued.....




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