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The change in weather 

was expected. 

It was that time

 of year. 

The leaves had been 

changing colors 

for weeks now

 and loosening

 their grip

 to the branches

 that held them

tight all summer long.

"You can let go too,

" I heard whispering inside my ears.

It was my mother's voice. 

The one I couldn't hear

 back in Ohio. 

I wonder why 

she stayed so quiet there, 

or why the weather couldn't have been different. 

I wonder how many times I will need to forgive myself 

for making my mother cry.

I also wonder if I will always think of this October 

as the year we fell down. 

I will never forget that day

or the day after. 

The air was crisp and the wind was turned up

as if she needed to change her landscape.

These winds of change were quick and strong, 

yet they were light. 

I could hear the wind chimes singing their songs with 

each gust of wind

and  feeling the rebound

from the notes as 

they washed over my body. 

I started to get cold but I didn't move. 

I needed to feel

 these exhales from the sky.

She was giving me strength 

for what was to come. 

I brushed my fingers over your cheeks

 for the last time that night. 

This was a year of fires.

It was the year of the drought.

Everything dried up.

And the morning after you left,

it began to rain. 

Soul On Fire

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You were patient

in a world full of fighters. 

I still remember 

when you lit

your first fire. 

So beautiful 

to see a man cry. 

Moved from 

music deep

down on

the inside. 

Her voice  

was born

from your


on the wire. 

Your soul  

on fire. 


Inside these

four walls

you danced,

you inspired. 

In your water you became 

a forest fire. 

Your old life 


to die.


washed your 


and the earth, 

she cried.  

All our voices


we sang


holy choir. 

Your soul

on fire. 


Spent a lifetime trying 

to harness your desires.

No one taught you 

to set your past on fire.


so alive. 



Burning stories,

getting breathless,

making earthquakes

as you  


Your soul. 

On fire. 


Here in the hills

she began

to chant, 

“climb higher.”

She asked 

you to move

and bring

the power

you acquired. 

You became


You stood

beside her.

Your heart.

a wildfire.

So beautiful 

to see you fly.

I always 

knew you would


Climbing ladders,

taking leaps

and setting fires. 

Your soul

on fire. 

Prayer For Freedom

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We are all gathered here today.  Where we pray in our special way.  We will start on our knees never silent with our pleas.  We shall honor and speak only words that are true.  We invite all the colors not just the red, white and blue.  Freedom for all is what we sing for. To the people of the world we are asking for more. More understanding in both big ways and small.  Together we rise and together we fall.  Enough of the separation between me and you.  Enough of taking care of only a few.  Today we pray as we breathe and move.  Taking care of all shouldn’t need to be approved.  Let us stand and rise uniting our hearts.  We must let go and hit restart.  We need the whole of humanity to come to a solution.  That taking care of all human beings shouldn’t be called a revolution. 

We are all gathered here today. 

Where we pray in our special way. 

We will start on our knees

never silent with our pleas. 

We shall honor and speak only words that are true. 

We invite all the colors not just the red, white and blue. 

Freedom for all is what we sing for.

To the people of the world we are asking for more.

More understanding in both big ways and small. 

Together we rise and together we fall. 

Enough of the separation between me and you. 

Enough of taking care of only a few. 

Today we pray as we breathe and move. 

Taking care of all shouldn’t need to be approved. 

Let us stand and rise uniting our hearts. 

We must let go and hit restart. 

We need the whole of humanity to come to a solution. 

That taking care of all human beings shouldn’t be called a revolution. 

Advice No More

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Anyone that knows me well knows how I feel about advice.   I don’t believe in it.  The number one reason is that it never leaves the giver or the receiver truly feeling empowered.  If we want to help another or help this world I think we must teach people how to listen to their own guidance.  

And if we truly love someone I think it’s important to not give them advice when we see them in a place of discomfort.   People don't want to be fixed, they crave to be understood.  


You have emotions and guidance inside your body that your lover, best friend, parents or anyone for that matter cannot feel.  And when you make decisions for your life based on only what your mind thinks you should do or what you think other people think you should do you create both a war inside and out.   True power is when the heart informs the mind and the wise mind and the heart find an answer together.   Anything else will leave you… torn.


Today’s playlist is titled… TORN    


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My username is soulactivists

No words, Just Reign

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In this one you are


so silent

it hurts.

The pain revealed

yet not made here,

so you remind me.

I came to you for


and you sat there 

so stoic,

it felt emotionless. 


the dispassionate witness.

What moves you?

I didn’t want to know 


not really.

I avoided you for

so long

and when I least

expected it,

you showed up

when no one else 


So, i breathed you in.

I got used to

keeping you 

at a distance.


I pull you close.

I thought you would

attack me.

My eyes saw you

as a predator.


i feel the truth,

 you are


Your presence 


No words,



Inspiration Is All Around

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Someone wrote me a message a little ago and asked me a delicious question.  “ Diana, where do you get your inspiration?”  The answer came swiftly like any answer does that comes from a deep down knowing.  I didn’t have to think about.  I didn’t try to figure it out.  It came from deep down.  My answer, “Life inspires me.  All I have to do is open my eyes.”   What I didn’t say then but will now is that life is truly rich with magic and symbolism and meaningfor all of us when we pay attention.  Not just any kind of attention but something called wise attention.  We look through a lens that takes us underneath where the soul can rise up and become the lead.   We hear and see and feel what’s underneath, where the truth lives.   Something is the truth because it’s true always.  This yoga style asks us to do just that.  It asks us to go into what’s underneath the practice.  It asks us to go underneath our own masks and it asks us to become one with all of the elements, and all of ourself.   It asks us not to judge or push away any of our feelings and because of that It produces a healing that lets the willing live and breathe wholeness.  We become the earth, the water, the air, the fire and the ether.  We don't just say the prayer, we become the prayer.  And the prayer is always to let love lead us, and guide, inform us andto live through us.  We look deep down here and what we find here is gold. 

Take That Leap

Diana VitantonioComment

There is no such thing as not knowing.  You always know.  And your guidance to move is a feeling that something is off. 


Whether it be in your work or any relationship, trust what you feel.  When you say "I don't know what to do." What you are really saying is I do know and it will be hard. 


When you don't trust your guidance and move with it,  you block your creativity and your ability to spontaneously co-create.  You are saying... not now, when I'm ready.  And when exactly is that? 


What is always true is that when you get a feeling to move on, there will ALWAYS be something waiting for you.  What you won'tget is a bop over the head and a falling from the sky of what that is.  This life is all about personal inner power and faith. 


Is that something youwant?  If that's a yes... 


Take that LEAP.  And trust you are being held and guided. 


From love. 


I Met Love This Year

yoga writing fitnessDiana VitantonioComment

i met love this year

the real one

no masks 

no disguises  


was his name

in every way he

showed that truth 

my heart melted 

when i let him in

a heart 

which once 

had hardened 

from life

my walls came 


love showed me 

how to love myself

because love 

knew how to love 


and himself 

love saw

the truth 

and looked me in

the eyes like 

no fear could have 

or ever did 

it was different

it was precious 

love stayed 

even when i didn’t 

and showed me 

my weaknesses

love didn’t pressure or judge

love simply loved

it played no games

yet love hurt me

yes it hurt me


because love knew 


love was whole 

so i wasn’t needed

love took away everything 

i held tight 

and love brought me 

into the depths of 

my deepest fears

and eventually love 

let me go

without a fight 

he just let go

and i was left 

with nothing

but me 

and this time

i noticed

i was still loved

but it no longer 


inside him 

it was 



loved moved in

when it left 

me without.

Love Looks Like

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Love looks like the darkest night

with rolls of thunder

so loud 

the sound 

rebounds like waves 

pulsing through 

your body

for far longer than 

you remember


Love looks like the ending

you never wanted 

that ripped you open

as your red poured out

exposed and vulnerable

Love feels like the heart 

pounding when you decide

to face your fears

and let go of the you  

of yesterday 

Love looks like

the soft eye gaze 

that stays 

no matter what the emotion

Love looks like the fire

the one that hurts and 

boils your waters

the one that brings you to 

the No

the boundary you should have always made

That’s what Love looks like. 

I Was Born Breathless

yoga writing fitnessDiana VitantonioComment

I was born breathless. 


My mother reminds me this often on my birthday.   This year she looked at me and said “you were having trouble breathing.”   Meaning, I was breathless.  

What does that mean?  It’s when you feel like you no longer have control of your breath.   The breath is quite wild, actually. 

I came earlier than they expected that day.  Six weeks to be exact.  My lungs weren’t fully developed so I was sent away from my mother to another hospital.  And it was there I recovered.  I rebounded.  My breath came back.   As it always does. 

I’ve had many breathless moments since then some by conscious choice and some not.  I have experienced the edge of both fear and love there.   I have thought I would die there.  I have felt reborn there.  I have found a way to pray and be BIG there.  I have touched my pain gently here.  I have found my greatest joy there.  “There” is where the fire lives.  The fire burns there.  And it is that fire I became and continue to become. Everyday, I choose it. 

These moments, these breathless moments have made me brave.   They have made me strong.  They have made me dig deep and ask myself to show up for my life no matter what I’m feeling so I can count of myself.  They have made me question my beliefs.  They have made me trust my own voice and soul regardless of how many people tell me no.  They remind me that I am vulnerable and i am not in control.  They have made me the person I am today.

The word breathless means vulnerable.

I was born this way. 

My life is a gift.  

And that gift will be shared.   

I was born breathless.  

And I will choose to live that way.  





Diana VitantonioComment


at sea

in a ship 

made for 

different waters

I reach 

for your 


you take it

along with 

my eyes

together we

make room for 

all the emotions

“Can I hold you

before I go?”

I ask 

you lean into me

our embrace

a long kiss goodbye

at the end 

you whisper

“Take me with you”


Diana VitantonioComment

we met at our secret place

doing the same thing

we did the last time

letting all our colors 

be seen

loving each other

in a special way

the way we do it

feels different 

we both know the importance 

of keeping it wild

with no rules



this time

the sign read “Trust”


 - On the Day We Did It Different




Loving all of you,




Diana VitantonioComment


that’s what you are

you are gone

there is nothing there

nothing left

the picture is bare

the drum beats slowly

the door of my heart 

swung open

you are free

from me

because I released you

I loved you

I feared you

and now 

I breathe 

forgiveness withyou

that’s the final gift 

only I can feel

your face has 

haunted me for years

I carried you with me 

the weight of 1000 tons 

on my shoulders

the burden of your violence

the power you no longer have

and the fear you still run from

I let it go

In love

In flames

our story 


you go



I don’t need you anymore. 



In Love,


Your Love Stays

Diana VitantonioComment

in this one 

you watch me

from a distance 

yet your eyes

feel so close

like when 

we kiss

the space


that delicious 


I can feel

that space 



our eyes 


and time 


and you 

hold mine

with your



it is you

i feel in

my bones

with every 







I love you,



This Pain Is Love

Diana VitantonioComment

pain in my belly

what do you say

I would say 

this pain is love

from the highest place within

it requires a faith

in life

do you know why you cry

my dear

what wound keeps you in battle

with your sadness

What is your trigger

and will you heal

if what is required 

is to simply feel it

all of it

If you say yes

bring them up

your emotions

bring them up

all of them

for healing

hold them all with love

be the mother 

sit with the tantrums

the screams

and understand

love helps you feel this pain 

so you can let it go

my child 

you have been holding 

this pain in your belly

for far too long

It is time

It is time


To be free. 





Holding your hand,



Land Of Dreams

Diana VitantonioComment

Eyes bright

in the morning

you sleep easy

and deep


you remember 

a place 

the land of unfinished business

where sleep doesn’t exist

and the children are left

alone and ignored

healing begins by

placing both eyes 

on the whole 

all of it

all the way there

into you

you must go

to listen 

and feel 

the river

She will reveal the 


follow it 



to the land 

of dreams.

The Dead Don't Dance

Diana VitantonioComment

 I reach my hand for yours

Palms touch

as you ask me to dance

Your hands cold as ice

A voice inside me

whispers with certainty

“  your hands are 

 an extension of your heart”

The truth resonates

That was the first flag

I noticed

There is no other color to call it 

Except RED 

You took the lead and asked me 

to trust you 

And then our dance began 

We came together 

You pulled me in 

I gave myself all of you

You only saw part of me

 My eyes on your eyes 

as our bodies come together

you disappear  

Your heart disappears  

Your body is here but you’re not in it

Your mind rules 

You live in your head

You are brilliant I will say that

You are have many gifts

The feminine isn’t one

I can feel the war inside

I will sit with you

if you are afraid to be alone

Will you take my hand?

I burned for this

I stayed in the fire and made it my home

For this 

As a prayer to feel what is real 

For me

And for you

Love is real 

Yet you don’t love me

You need me and as long as you need 

You can’t love me 

Because you will fear me leaving

So you push me away

by trying to control me

I will say no

I have seen the darkest of dark

I’ve taken the vow

And I won’t break it

I choose to feel it

 All of it 

No matter how much is scares me

I won’t leave 

I won’t leave me

I will get on my knees with you

There’s nothing you can feel that will scare me

I’ve met the prostitute

I’m listened to the child

scream in pain and fear

I have met the anger who sabotages all things

I have healed the victim 

I’ve awakened the artist

and the lover

I’ve burned in it all

But you can’t feel that

Because you don't feel 

You think 

You think I’m the woman I was 

five years ago

I’m not 

I’ve been through hell since then

Hell changes you or 

it pulls you down deeper

I rise 

In the flames

And I will stand lay here with you

But I won’t stand alone for you

I won’t let you be my sometimes lover